Life Under Quarantine: How Covid 19 Is Affecting University Students

The ongoing pandemic coronavirus also known as COVID-19 is affecting the lives of everyone starting from working professionals to labors to daily wagers. But the most effected from this pandemic are students. In this article we are going to discuss about how the lives of students are getting affected under quarantine and what can be done to lesser the implications.

Almost every corner of the world is being affected more or less by this Virus. But, the most affected areas are UK, Italy, USA and China. In these difficult times online services like essay writing help are proving to be beneficial for academic students.

The world is going through national lockdown. Life under quarantine is very different from regular lives. All kinds of facilities and services have been stopped except for essential services. Shops have been closed. People are advised to stay at homes, public places including religious places along with restaurants and pubs have been closed. Public gatherings are being restricted in order to stop the spread of the virus.

Lives for students have suddenly come to a standstill with quarantine. Students are prohibited to get into group studies, classes have been shifted to online. Exams have been postponed to avoid contamination.

Faculties have been sent home and the campuses have been completely vacated.
Universities have started digitizing lectures and students have been advised to use Microsoft teams while participating in group projects or studying together. Hence there is no physical interaction between them, which can increase the fear of spread of the virus. Students in UK are availing UK assignment help in order to do their assignments.
University students who are in the medical field are also volunteering in the local hospitals to cater to the patients affected by the virus. Online essay writers are writing their medical assignments while they are performing their duties in the hospital.

The quarantine rules have affected the daily routines of the students. Students are restructuring their schedules as per the norms set by the government. But thanks to modern technology that online services like essay help have contributed a lot in regularizing the lives of students in these difficult times. Students can now seek the help of academicians who are working really hard to assist them with their assignments. They are giving 24*7 customer support through chats, calls and emails so that their academic life doesn’t suffer.


These are very uncertain times. No one knows how long is the quarantine period is going to continue. But it is very important for us to abide by the quarantine rules for the safety of us and other people and stop the spread of this virus.Understanding the requirements and constraints of students SourceEssay has stepped forward to help them write their assignments in various subjects with a team of more than 600 assignment writers. We are hoping to overcome this phase soon and get back our regular lives but until then students don’t need to panic as we are holding their hands.


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