Problems Students Face While Writing Assignments


Students from all over the world travel overseas to pursue higher education.  And the moment they enter a career course they are loaded with assignments. It has been observed that the primary reason for students to drop out of university is not being able to handle the academic pressure. This pressure rises because of a number of reasons. The major reason why students face issues in handling academic stress is that they suffer from lack of confidence because of economical, social and financial differences.  However in this article we are going to discuss the major problems that arise due to these differences and affect their grades.

Problems Faced By Students While Writing Assignments

Every student aspires of scoring well throughout their academic careers but very few can achieve their goals. The easiest way to good grades is submitting quality assignments. The moment students enter a university they are loaded with assignments. These tasks are assigned to students to check their knowledge base but unfortunately because of a number of reasons students get stuck while writing assignments. Students in Australia take immediate assistance from assignment help Australia and submit flawless assignments within their deadlines by taking a little help and guidance from SourceEssay experts. Some of the reasons why students lose interest in writing assignments are listed below-

·         Lack Of Evidence- Any assignment be it a research paper or term paper requires students to dive into the details and extract evidence to prove their points. This is where students who do not have much experience get stuck. However students who do not know the sources from where they can extract information that would help them write their assignments  can seek Online Assignment Help from SourceEssay experts.

·         Improper Structure- Every assignment comes with a set of guidelines that mentions the structure in which the assignment should be written. The referencing style and the length of the assignment with other minute details are mentioned in the set of instructions provided to the students that needs to be adhered to and incorporated in the assignments. Students who do not have adequate experience in writing assignments are not able to completely understand the set of instructions provided because of lack of knowledge in writing styles and referencing technique.   This is why they tend to get their assignments rejected or fall repeatedly into the plagiarism trap and are overburdened with rework. This causes disappointments in students and they eventually lose interest in writing assignments

·         Grammatical And Factual Errors-  The most common reason why students get stuck while writing assignments is they face language barriers. Most students come from places where their native language is not English because of which they do not have a strong hold on the language. As a result they land up committing a lot of mistakes while trying to write assignments. Lack of knowledge in the subject causes a lot of factual errors that deteriorates the overall quality of the assignment. Even after going through the assignments multiple times students are unable to identify the grammatical errors and factual errors because of lack of experience. Therefore it is advised that students get their assignments proofread by subject matter experts who ensure the assignments are free from grammatical mistakes, factual errors and are absolutely unique.


Therefore to summarize we can say that students face three major problems while writing assignments. First, they get stuck while extracting information during the research because they are unaware of the reliable sources from where the information should be taken, second they tend to fall into the plagiarism trap multiple times because of using improper structure while writing assignments and finally their assignments contain grammatical errors that deteriorate the overall quality of the assignments. However students can overcome these problems by seeking expert advice from SourceEssay experts. 


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