Covid-19 Impact On The New Academic Year


The Pandemic Coronavirus has greatly affected educational institutions. With the sudden breakdown of the coronavirus outbreak educational institutions went on a mass close down mission to keep the students safe from the threat of the virus. Finding a balance between learning and safety is challenging. Some countries are starting the school year relying solely on remote learning; or using it as a supplement to face-to-face learning. In this article we are going to study the impact of Covid 19 pandemic on the new academic year.

Measures Taken By Schools Who Have Decided To Reopen In The New Academic Year

There have been constant debates on whether or not to reopen schools and universities in the next academic year owing to the health concerns of children.( Son,,2020) However, looking at the huge academic loss of students because of the sudden lockdown a lot of educational institutions have decided to reopen taking the following measures.

·       The overall attendance will be kept low and the teachers will have to go through a COVID 19 test. (Sahu,2020)

·      Classes will be prioritized according to the preparations for exams. For example the exams that are nearer will schedule their classes accordingly to ensure students are well prepared to participate in their exams.

·      The attendance policies shall be modified.

·       Owing to delivering education safety blended learning will be followed. This is a mixture of both face to face learning and online learning. Students can take homework help from SourceEssay experts to cope with the assignment pressures at home.

·       The size of classes will be decreased so that less students are accommodated at a time to decrease the risk. Also additional teachers will be deployed to help students cope with the backlog.

·      The assessments will be reviewed on daily basis to equip students for their exams.

·       The temperature of students would be tested on regular basis. Masks will be provided on the premises along with other protective materials.

·       Students would be encouraged to carry sanitizers and wash their hand on regular basis to lower the risk of getting infected.

·      Student interaction will be limited. They can avail online assignment help from SourceEssay experts.

·      Their access to schools will be limited and parents would be restricted unless it is absolutely necessary.


To conclude it can be said that the pandemic has changed the course of learning. In the new academic year many education institutions have decided to reopen but they’d be following a set of rules that will change the learning methodology and keep students away from the threat of the virus the main objective of institutes is to ensure quality of learning regardless of mode of delivery, keep the students engaged, teachers healthy and the community safe, and address learning environment safety to ensure continuity of learning in any crisis situation. These education intuitions who are working hand in hand with the online essay help services like SourceEssay believe that flexibility is the key to mitigate learning loss. It is not easy for education institutions to accept the changes in teaching and learning methodologies because they are historically steeped in tradition and rigidity. But to balance safety and learning, a most effective approach has been to couple physical and remote education, allowing a switch between the two with minimal disruptions. 


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