Tactics To Achieve Best Grade In Law Assignment

Many first-year students are struggling with their legal writing assignments. Whether graded or not, these assignments often cause anxiety for students because legal writing can, at first, feel like a foreign language. Even if you consider yourself a good writer, legal writing can be baffling. As you continue to work on legal writing assignments, these are some tips to keep in mind if you wish to write a quality assignment in law.


·         Follow The Instructions Given By Your Professor Blindly

 It is likely your legal writing professor has given you instructions for the overall format of your legal writing assignment. In addition, your professor may have given you formatting instructions for the body of your assignment, such as that you need to follow IRAC. Whatever the instructions, follow them. Sure, you may think it is an overly formal or a frustrating way to write—but to be honest, no one cares. You need to write for your professor. It is more important to write in the way your professor has outlined, than as you personally prefer. And it is not going to be the last time your writing will need to conform to someone else’s rules. As a working attorney you often need to write in the format requested by your boss or even by the court. So get used to it!( Chesterman,et.al,2020) 

·        Keep Your Language Simple And Comprehendible While Writing A Legal Assignment

So many law students make the mistake of thinking that to “sound like a lawyer” they must use every possible legal term out there. This is just not the case. Often the most effective legal writing is very clear and concise and only uses legal terms or “legalese” when appropriate (say, when you are using a term of art).( Wolff,et.al,2020) It is also important to work on writing in a clear, concise way because your assignments may have maximum word count. So using extra words to sound “more professional” won’t really help your grade in the end. In case students find difficulties in writing the legal assignment they can seek Law assignment help from SourceEssay experts.

·         Focus On The Question Asked In The Assignment

Often students get so caught up in writing their assignment that they forget to focus on the question that was asked of them. (Canto, et.al,2020) In case you fail to understand the meaning or are having doubts you should take instant help from law writers from SourceEssay.  It is important to read and re-read the assignment sheet. You don’t want to make a mistake and write something off topic. Remember, answering the question is the key to getting a good grade!

·         Make An Outline Before Attempting To Write-

A great legal writing assignment is organized. And for most of us this means that you need to plan your paper just as you would plan an essay or any other project. Organization is key and it takes time to sit with the research and develop your answer. Make sure you build this time into your plan of how you are going to get your assignment done. To prepare and plan the assignment well students can seek assignment help assistance from SourceEssay experts;

·         Hire An Expert For Proofreading Post Completion

       As an attorney-in-training, it is very important to present yourself in a professional way. That means that you need to proofread your assignments to present yourself in a professional way to your professor as well. If your assignment is riddled with typos, it is distracting for the professor and likely will cause your grade to drop. Also, students often are lax when handling citations. You are typically graded on the accuracy of your citations. Students can seek online assignment help from SourceEssay to get their assignments proofread by the finest tam of subject matter experts who have adequate experience in assessing law assignments


Legal writing, like most things, gets easier the more that you do it. So do every practice assignment assigned and get as much feedback as you can. This will help you become an excellent legal writer, which is a critical skill in our profession.


Chesterman, S., & Rhoden, C. (2020). Studying Law at University: Everything you need to know. Routledge.

Wolff, L. C. (2020). The relationship between contract law and property law. Common Law World Review, 49(1), 31-55.

Canto-López, M. (2020). Introducing group work and professional writing in a British Law School: a practical assignment and students’ perceptions inside the liberal v vocational Law degree dichotomy. Revista Jurídica de Investigación e Innovación Educativa (REJIE Nueva Época), (22), 95-117.






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